About silvia teh

There's a thousand of technical terms for me to describe my brand, but ultimately, what I want you to know about my brand is that this is not another label. This brand is a realization of a dream between a daughter and a mother since 10 years ago. A mother who hopes her children could live a passionate life she wishes she had, and a daughter with an enormous love for fashion and for her mother. The values of love and dedication, are the pillars that hold this brand together.

Silvia Teh the label, is a ready to wear womenswear brand with a penchant for cool, understated fashion pieces. At the heart of this brand's identity, is the idea of balancing the notions of creativity and pragmatism.

I work with transpersonal collection to support the idea of sustainable fashion and for my customers to embrace slow fashion. 

Please note that, to everyone who is reading this, I am a very customer-oriented person. Your satisfaction matters to me, anything you wish to say to me, any compliments, feedbacks, special requests, please go ahead and email me at : , I will try my best to do what I can. 


- Silvia Teh