1st Runner Up - Miami Fashion Week

The competition was about designing a mini collection of 3 outfit with the theme : Resort Wear. Participants may either choose to design evening wears or day wears and i chose to do day wear. Selected participants are required to sew one outfit, which we can choose and i choose to sew up the outfit in the middle. 

The concept of this collection is White Resorts. In terms of design, I wanted to infuse the idea of sportswear into the day wear and therefore, Nylon Mesh fabrication was used. I did some overlapping on the fabrications, where i overlapped the Mesh with Organdy, so the big holes on the Mesh are subtler. And below the Mesh was Sateen. 

The finished garment looks a bit different from the illustration because there's changes in the sleeve, the waist-line, and there's changes on the seam lines to have the garment look cleaner. The actual garment has a bell sleeve and a higher waist line. The Centre Front seam line is discarded as well as the princess cut and it's changed to have only waist darts.