A Bunch of Thank Yous

You know what..... These past few weeks have been so insanely busy and frustrating to me. It is the highest amount of stress i ever have to bear yet. I constantly feel i cannot control my emotions and i snapped a lot. I get easily irritated over small things and i have grown to be more sensitive over the past few weeks. Unfortunately, this situation is not ending soon. I have literally tons of things to do right now, in a small amount of time with several problems on the side. I am literally on the edge of exploding right now. There is just... so much frustrations and hopes i am carrying for the sake of not disappointing anyone. I sleep even lesser now and i can even go a day without sleep at all, but of course my mood for the whole day will be so bad you will be afraid to talk to me and i will get really.. really stupid. But during this super busy time, i would like to thank my group mates for being so patient with me. Thank you for being so understanding towards me when i was in a very bad mood which happens quite frequently recently. Forgive me for being such a bitch at times and for making the situation uncomfortable with my mood swings. I just have, so many emotions and burdens to carry and it is just.. too much for me. I am battling with time management, between this particular competition, school work and there are hopes from others i need to satisfy. Don't take my mood swings too seriously because when i snapped, i know that i have officially snapped and i will try to change back my mood to become better. So forgive me, for these past few weeks and thank you so much for the understanding you have given me. I literally don't know what will i do without you guys, especially Venny for sticking with me through the thick and thin. There are no amount of thank yous i can say to show how grateful i am to have you guys as my group and you are the best group mates i can ever ask for. So thank you so much, for the understanding :') 

Secondly, i have to say that i am so very grateful to have a mother that is so supporting towards my dream and for being the only one who believes so much in me. This year is particularly a struggle for me, with some problems occurring between now and then, but you never failed to support me with your encouragements and to try your best to help me when there is not much you can do. Thank you for supporting my dream to go to the states when other thought it is ridiculous. Thank you for the constant encouragements and endless amount of supports. Most importantly, thank you for believing in me when others do not. Thank you for your guidance and teachings all along, as it help me find my dreams. Even when things will not turn out great, or if your supports is not enough to help me go through this rough patch, please don't worry. I will find my way out and i am sure i will. I have been through a lot throughout my lifetime, be it betrayal, disappointments or failures but i survived those and i will survive this one. So thank you mom, for everything you have given me. Your love and supports are all i need. 

Silvia TehComment