Raw Beauty

This is the thought that i have been thinking about for the past few months and it is the fact that how society has changed. How society has put a ridiculous standard of beauty towards women and how they are obligated to follow that standard. Ever since plastic surgery became an acceptable act of repairing what is not - good - enough and since make - up became the must haves in a woman's life, society has changed... completely. Now just everyone, can be beautiful. There are no boundaries of who is the most beautiful because you can fix it, literally. 

There are the good and the bad sides of this new culture. The good thing is that, it helps to improve one's confidence and self esteem. It's good that now there's an equality in terms of beauty. For an instance, one doesn't need to feel bad about herself if she wasn't born beautiful and she does not need to live a life feeling low about herself. But the bad thing is, raw beauty is rare. At times like this, i appreciate so much of the raw beauty because that's real.. without any alteration whatsoever. Don't you think so? But hey, i am not judging anyone who loves the idea of plastic surgery or the idea of covering everything with make ups. I respect those people actually. It shows that they put much effort to be or look better and there's nothing wrong about that. There's nothing wrong in attempting to feel better of yourself. it's just my personality that if something goes really popular, i tend to like the opposite of what is popular. Yeah, that's just my attempt to differentiate myself as far from the society. 

Anyway, i am not beautiful myself so don't think that i write this out of the fact that i think i am beautiful that i can write about appreciating raw beauty. In fact, i need some make over too. But i am just too lazy or do not have the time to do that. Pictures below are the pictures i have found on Tumblr which trigger me to write about raw beauty. They are absolutely beautiful images that i must share in my blog and if you are on tumblr too, you can visit mine at The Workroom Insp 

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