A Salvation

So finally, i've done something i've always dreamed of doing which is to work 24 hours, like literally 24 hours. In fact, i worked more than 24 hours technically. I literally started to work on a collection from 12 am to 2 am in the morning. But even before i started on the collection at 12 am, i've already spent the whole day running errands, doing schoolworks, etc. So... including the activity i did the whole day, i think i must have worked around 42 hours before i get to sleep which is only 4 hours. A lot of people might thought i am crazy or even feel sorry for me seeing how hard my life is. But rest assured that, i don't feel sorry for my life even to the slightest. I love what i do so much that i don't mind not getting any sleep at all. Yes it is hard, i know it is and yes it is so very exhausting but i did it with all my heart. I never, even for a second, complain about how many things i need to do in so little time or complain about how tired i am. What i feel is only anxiety of whether i can get things done on time and i'm glad i did. This might sounds insane, but this is how i pictured my future life would be. Fashion keeps me alive, it literally is the only reason for me to live. It is my salvation, believe it or not. But i guess, if you love what you do you wouldn't feel burdened by the things you need to do. Instead, you'll feel very grateful and happy for the things you're doing.

All along, i feel so very grateful of my life. I am so grateful that i went through a bitter younger life. I am grateful that society treated me badly, grateful that i am not born in a filthy rich family and I am so grateful to have gone through the worst of what society has to offer because all of that, makes who i am today. The best thing is to know what i wanted to do in life and so grateful to have limitless amount of motivations to keep me going. I thank God for his guidance. 

Silvia TehComment