The Inside and Out

When i went back to Indonesia a few days ago, which i was there for more than 10 days (surprisingly enough, knowing i don't like my hometown that much but because i miss my parents so much i decided to extend my stay) i received one or two comment from my neighbors about my appearances. They told my mom that i am a lot different now and the way i style myself might look snobbish to others. Fortunately, my mom herself is thrilled to see that i can dressed up well so she receives my changes positively. But to how others look at me, i can't be bothered much. Looking back, i don't have any personal style where all i wore everyday was a t-shirt and a pair of jeans which were not fancy at all. And since i am very much involved in the fashion industry, i decided that whenever i go out regardless of where i am going, i will always dress up well even though i am just going out to print some stuffs. 

I personally think that what i wear, defines who i am and fashion is life - changing in a way, don't you think? I like to look masculine at times by wearing oversized shirts or biker boots because they make me feel empowered and i gain more confidence that way. Fashion is something that you wear everyday and believe it or not, it plays a pivotal role in our life because we live our life in it. But that's just me, i don't know how others see fashion but i personally see a person from the way he/she dresses up. The way they style themselves speak a lot of character. Anyway, back to my neighbors comment about my so called "snobbish" style, i don't think that's true. Just because i dress up well, doesn't mean i am snobbish. It just means that i love myself more now than ever and to love yourself is never, a bad thing. 



Silvia TehComment