Hi there! 

I've just updated the "WORK" section on my blog. I should've updated my portfolio weeks ago, but I keep procrastinating until this early morning. Well, i actually have no thoughts to share with you but i'd like to share some good news. I got 2nd Place for Student Womenswear Designer Award, a competition held in conjunction with Miami Fashion Week, 2014. And for this win, i have to say that i am very thankful for my lecturer's advice and he's Thomas Wee. He gave some advices in terms of the designs and he made me realized that i should pay more attention to the minor fashion details and how to make things look cleaner. Another person i'd like to thank is Gary Goh because his advices also made me realized that i have some problems with my fabrications and i'd like to thank Lily Wee to help me sew the dress for a short amount of time. Lastly, i'd like to thank my school for being so supportive. They gave me the encouragement and help i needed and i am very grateful to be NAFA's fashion student. 

You can see more of the designs and details of the dress through the "WORK" section. Anyway, I really have nothing to say right now. Normally when i have something to say, i can compose a long blogpost that you'd get tired of reading and i love composing a blogpost. I like to write and to compose those words, of how to make them seem poetic and stuffs. If only i can write an article? But because i don't go to study journalism, i don't really know what's the do's and don'ts and how to trigger the interest of the readers. 

I think i should shut up now and go to sleep. I keep thinking of what to write next and i found nothing. Haha! I'll come back again when i have something in my mind. 

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