All That It Is

There are several things i hate most in life, which are : 
1.  Inconsideration
2. Last Minute Work
3. Irresponsibility
4. No Action, Talk Only
5. To be figured out later... 

You've known how I hate Inconsiderate people, but what you don't know yet is I hate people who can only talk but has never done anything to fight for what he / she said. I was having this conversation at Ask.FM  about a person who ask what to do if she wanted to pursue Fashion Design. Firstly, I am not writing this to humiliate / to be sarcastic to her but i really think everyone in the same situation should know and should read what i am about to say. 
I have been so irritated these days to hear people saying they love fashion, they wanted to do fashion, and wanted to study it but they did nothing to fight for what they wanted. First of all, i think y'all should differentiate what in the word of FASHION do you love that makes you wanted to pursue it? Because you love drawing? Because you're interested with the glitz and glamour life of Fashion? Because you think it's cool? Or simply because you love to shop and style yourself beautifully?

Let me tell you something, if your reason to study fashion lies on one of those options i just typed, you won't be in Fashion for long. Even if you are, you can't go far enough. Fashion is a lot more than what you think. It is a very competitive business and there are a lot of sleepless nights involved. If you've got no dedication, you won't go far believe me. Fashion isn't just about designing. Designing has such little part on it. It's more about research, technical skills, marketing skills, merchandising, PRs, etc. You think designing beautiful clothes are enough? You need to research about your target market, what they like and how to win them over other competitors. Let me ask you a question i've always been thrown at, "What makes people want to buy your clothes if they can buy it at Zara, Topshop or H&M?" Tell me, how do you win over those fashion giants. I've heard and read a lot of stories about the ups and downs of designers.  A lot of you don't know their work schedule. For some designers, there's no such thing such as weekends or TGIF. They work from 10 am to 10pm or 12 am everyday except Monday. Some of them even work everyday and especially when Fashion Show is near, there's no sleep at ALL. What you see on the runway is their months of hard-work. So tell me, will you have enough dedication to bear all of those sufferings? That is what you have to face if you wanted to be a designer, but if you wanted to simply be a seamstress or to open a made to measure business, it's another matter to talk about. I'm talking about a real fashion designer profession. 

Secondly, if you say you still love Fashion and complain about how expensive it is but you don't do shit about it, i can tell straightaway that you're not serious about Fashion. Fashion is expensive i know. The school fee is a cutthroat, but if you love it you have to find a way to get there. Don't tell me the "You're lucky that you're rich" shit because i'm not. Do you think that me studying in Singapore is easy? I fought with my father a lot of times and guess what, i have to get a full scholarship for my 3rd year here or i can't continue to study my degree. But do i complain about how expensive my degree is? NO. The degree at a certain school that i'm going for, is much more expensive than every other school in the whole world but i never complain about how expensive it is. Instead, i find a way of how to get there. I can wait for several years, working and saving up some money for me to be able to go there. I don't just sit around and thinking about how unlucky i am. I've planned out every single step i'm going to take and i never joke about school. I take school very seriously and i keep my grades high, because that's part of the plan. I sleep lesser and lesser each semester but i didn't complain. I work my ass off without thinking how lucky others are and how i wish my family was rich enough. I work my ass off because i love Fashion and i'd do anything to be who i wanted to be. 
Let's say worst come to worst. even when you really can't afford it you can learn it by yourself through Youtube or other websites. That's why Internet is there, USE IT. You can also apply for scholarships. 

A lot of younger people take fashion as a joke and sorry, i have no respect for people like so. For me fashion is serious stuff. It's something that you wear everyday, it makes you happy wearing it and it can bring confidence in you. It's life changing in a way. A lot of people take fashion for granted and most of them don't know how painful is the life of a designer.

Personally i think, younger people nowadays can't live a hard life. They don't fight for what they wanted and they just sit around, accepting their destiny whatever it is. They all should know that Life's a bitch, seriously. Your younger days might be fun and easy, but that's not for long. As you grow older you'll start to realize that Life is about survival and the sooner you realize that, the better. 

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