The Current

I have not been writing for a long time am i? Actually my school does not give too much work this semester but i am just busy finding things to do, like joining competitions, researching on more stuffs and guess what? I have found my 2014 new year resolution! Ever since 2014 hits, i have not been able to figure out what to do this year but now i found so much meaningful things to do and here is my list : 

1. I want to learn new stuff each and everyday, whether it is a general knowledge, technical skills, or fun facts. I would like to know them all! 

Ok so i just have one resolution, because i don't want to have too much resolutions that are not that meaningful. Just this one resolution is worthy enough for me. I am so excited to wake up everyday and learn new things! Anyway lately i have been noticing what do people see in me, and i am not surprised at all for what they say next. I am a work maniac, like literally. I guess that is true that i would rather spend 24/7 doing work rather than wasting it on unnecessary stuffs. But you know what, if you really love something, you commit. And that is what i do. I dedicate myself wholly to the fashion industry and it makes me happy, really. The busier i am, the happier i will be. I like the exhaustions, tensions, sleepless nights and depressions i face everyday because all of those hard works, push me to become a better person and i'd like to be one.

Moreover, I always live upon the thought of we only live once and we should do the things we love now, or never and that is what i have been doing. I believe life is about chasing dreams, and living it. That's why, whenever i saw people who are living their dreams right now, no matter what it is i feel so envious. I'd like to live my dreams too and i really hope i can. 

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