Narciso Rodriguez Pre-Fall 2014

Have you guys seen Narciso Rodriguez's Pre-Fall 2014? The collection looks very modern, urban and minimal. The cut of each garments is just perfect and flawless. Even the stripe t-shirt with a striking mix of bold purple together with the white and navy blue looks simply flawless. If you look closer, there's no armhole seams too. Tailoring and perfect cutting are the two things i adore and love most in this world and Narciso Rodriguez pulled it off. Amazingly, he is able to interpret the simplest design into something that looks flawlessly beautiful and he is even quoted "No one but Narciso has ever made a simple line look more stunning." by Anna Wintour. I can't agree more with that statement. Anyway, i said flawless a little too many times aren't i? Oh well, but that's the way the collection is. 

Silvia TehComment