Once In A While

I bet only some of you guys have ever saw me sketch? I haven't really sketch since i came to Singapore. Usually i just draw and colour it with computer. I never do shading too, and believe me, i suck at it. But i was helping out at my school's open house and i get really bored at times, so i managed to sketch a runway model i saw on an old magazine. 

Gaspard Yurkievich, 2009

Does he looks like a pretty boy? One of my lecturer thought it's a woman and i'm like, NOOOO! It is a guy! 
But anyway, it has been a while since i really sketch and i'm actually quite happy to see the result. It's not that bad. Maybe some other times, i will sketch something like this more. Because usually i just do rough sketches, since i don't have much time to slack. Anyway, what do you think? :)

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