What Stays And What Goes Away

For these past few days, i have been feeling down and discouraged. It started when school starts and i just don't know why i have no confidence in myself. Maybe it is me, worrying too much about what awaits me on 2014 or maybe i just have a lot of second thoughts. Those thought kills, but fortunately, as my pattern drafting class started and we get to design a menswear shirt out of paper and to experiment on different silhouette and ideas, all of those thoughts flew away immediately and i start to feel like myself again. This is why i love school a lot and i love spending my time doing sewing, drafting, writing reports, researching, etc. Because they took my mind off everything and they literally make me happy. Anyway, i posted this work in progress picture on instagram. 

I was just experimenting on different possibilities and ideas in creating a menswear shirt, since this semester we are doing a menswear collection. My idea of this paper shirt experiment is i wanted to create a modern, minimal, and futuristic looking garment and to my surprise, this design can actually fit on a woman and it can also fit on a man's body if the shirt is to have a short/long sleeve. Correct? It might look more womanly to you because i was using a woman's mannequin. 

I have the collar to be put in reverse, where the opening of the collar is to be put on the back and the collar itself has two layers, of a big and a small layer. I think it will look really nice with great tailoring and made with medium weight fabrications. 

Anyway! This is another design of the shirt. It is actually the wrong side of the first experiment. I just realized when i was packing my stuffs that the wrong side actually looks interesting! So i decided to document it too! 

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