Paradox Ad Campaign

School has ended a week ago and even so, it still does not feel like holiday to me. I keep going back to school everyday to rush my other work, to which it is something i am not proud of. I'll post a picture of the outfit i'm working on, but not now. I'm also working on some other things that is to be launch on early December. I just hope there's enough time for me to settle everything and i'm soooo psyched! I can't wait to show you what personal project i'm working on. 
Anyway, i am grateful for the year of 2013. It might started real bad, but towards the end i am so grateful that i get to do a lot of things this year, especially with the Paradox video ad i worked on with my friends. 

ps. the website is fake since it is for the project purpose only.

The video is a masterpiece for my year of 2013. Even though the making of it costed quite a fortune, i'm very happy with all the experience i gained and i've a kick-ass videographer too so that's cool. The idea of the video itself, first came from my insomnia one night. I can't remember it well enough, but it was around the time before school starts or around early school days. I just suddenly have this splash of ideas coming in, about making a horror-inspired fashion ad. It is something extraordinary, that no one has ever done it before (or at least so far from what i know). I personally think this idea will definitely be able to attract people's attention and interest if it is to really be launched. This is because almost every fashion ad is about the same. It is either a short video of the photoshoot or the model walking here and there in that particular garments. Of course there are other ideas, but most of them, for me, are very mainstream. 
But of course, the video is not to be realized without the help of my friends. I'd like to thank Venny Poernomo for helping me with the paper pattern, cutting and sewing of the garments, thank you for being a very dedicated make up artist to the extreme that she will do whatever it takes for the 3 girls to really look like ghosts. She also gave me some additional ideas for the video too!

Secondly, i'd like to thank my videographer, Kevin Yeoh. Even though it's my first time working with a videographer, i'm very happy with his work and results, to where he did all the filming and editing all by himself. He also helped me to improve the ideas for the video. Awesome! 

Third, i'd like to thank all my models. Jessica Tasrif, Juvenia Wu and Janice Pradinata as the ghosts and Jesslyn Felicia as the terrified human. They are all very into their roles, where they can really act as ghosts and their expressions are very convincing too! Jesslyn Felicia, especially, i'm very impressed by her acting skills. She has never done an act before and i should say that she really pulled it off. Her role to run in heels with a terrified face, i think is the hardest since it is hard to run in heels and she has to re-take that scene for a lot of times. Surprisingly, she never even ask for a break and just keep re-taking the scene whenever the videographer asked her to. She shows a high amount of professionalism in both acting and during photoshoot.

Overall, I really appreciate each of their help and supports, and i'd like to thank all of them once again for helping me making this happen. It's the project that is the most costly but yet with the best experiences i've ever received. Thank God that the cost of this project is divided into two, where me and Venny paid for it. But really, despite the cost, the filming experience is so cool!

Anyway, the collection is inspired by pixelated minimalism with a play of the black and white colours to create a gothic minimalism feel into it. Pixelated minimalism itself is about the art of pixel, where an image that has been zoomed in so many times will show a group of small squares that create the image. Therefore, the use of monochromatic plaid fabric is to show the minimal aesthetic together with the inspiration.

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