Back for seconds

I don't know why, but i feel like i have less homework now compared to last year and i don't like the feeling of having nothing to do. I feel as if i'm missing something, or if i'm forgetting any important thing. What is it exactly? The worst thing is, since i have more time i keep re-doing everything that i feel doubtful about. I literally keep re-doing things in certain projects because i feel doubtful about my work.  
Anyway, i have resigned from being a sales associate.  I think it's impossible for me to be working and studying altogether as i need to focus on what matters most. Another reason is because i don't feel i learn much there. I applied, hoping i would learn new things and to experience a real retail life but instead i'm folding and re-arranging clothes all day long. It was fun at first, i get to serve customers, observed what they like, learning a few new things but as i'm shifted to other store, i get to do lesser things and 15 minutes feel like an hour. I don't like to waste my time on something unproductive and useless, so i decided to resign and focus on school first. At least i can spend my working time doing my homework which makes me feel happier rather than folding clothes. 
So that's my life. School is good, friends are great, and i'm fine..... at least for now. 
Silvia TehComment