Lost in Time

Hi there! How's life going?
I'm sorry that i'm yet again to abandon this blog. Since school started i barely have time to even shop for new clothes. My time is all spent on reports, projects and eating. Well i thought i need to have at least a good meal to continue my frustrating life. Anyway, i think i won't be posting any outfits anymore as i'm very busy, with the growing stress of my college, my part time job and homework time. I'm currently trying to balance out my time between working, studying and going out with friends. 
School has been really stressful, at least for me, because of all the pressures i have to bear. I don't even know if i'll do good this semester, but i'll definitely try to give my best. 
On a totally different note, a thought came across my mind this evening. I wonder how do i end up in this stage i'm in? I mean, how do i change from a dreamer to a realist and from an optimist to an pessimist. I used to be very bright, a major dreamer and an optimist, but now everything's very dim and i don't have faith in myself. Don't know how and when this started, but i kinda miss my old self. 
Where's me who laughed my ass out everyday, where's me who always did my homework 2 hour before submission, where's me who skipped classes constantly, where's the vain me, where's me who thought life's going to get better, and most importantly, where's me with high hopes and why do i stop dreaming? Somewhere along the line i lost everything i used to believe in.
But i'm not frustrated with this fact though, it just bugs me out a bit because back then, i don't know how to spend a day without laughing and i just seemed happier compared to now. Everything's so serious now, or is it me who's getting more serious? I have no idea. 

Straight hair for a day!
Anyway, i cut my hair shorter a few days ago. I went to the saloon twice, because i didn't re-perm my hair the first time. The hairdresser cut most of my curls off, and the remaining minor curls turns into something you can see above. I personally think i look better and neater in straighter hair, but i really have no time to care about my look since i have to blow dry my hair every morning to make it curls inside, or it'll curl outside instead, if you know what i mean. I don't know how to phrase it right. So i went back to the saloon and get my hair permed. My classes start at 9 am or 11am, and with me often having trouble waking up, having a straighter hair will definitely be a problem. But maybe i'll get my hair straighter later when i graduated. By the time i think i'll have more time to myself and more time to be vain again. Haha! 

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