Streaks of Blue

Shirt from G2000, Shoes from Vincent Camuto and Suspender from H&M.

Hi! I'm so excited to write this post and you might've noticed that i didn't state where does the skrit come from. It's actually selfmade by myself! The story of this skirt is quite long actually. The idea comes from the extra fabric that i bought. You might have known that i'm a spender. I'm not just a spender in clothing, but in fabrics too. I have so many extra fabrics still lying on my fabric box and i have no idea what to do with some of them. Anyway, I've never made anything asymmetrical before so i figured i might as well use the extra fabric to make it since i have like 2 metres of drill.
Interesting fact about this skirt : I didn't do any drafting or pattern making. I did it directly onto the fabric without proper math and as a result, the measurement of the waist was 2 times bigger than the normal measurement. It literally looked like a skirt for XXXL woman. It was horrible but you know me, giving up is never my thing. So i did a huge inverted pleat in the back using the extra seam and make it asymmetrical. That's why the back of the skirt is puffier and the skirt is a bit structured, just like my imagination. And that's how i turn my mistake into something right!
Anyway, i'm sorry if what i'm saying now doesn't make any sense to you since some of you probably aren't fashion students. I'm just blabbering about things i feel excited and happy about. But really, i can't describe how in love i am with fashion and it's not because i get to wear fancy and beautiful clothes, but because this is where we create something out of nothing. I love the whole process on the backstage, from inspiration searching to making it to life. I mean, it's literally about actually creating something that's in your mind. We get to sew it into life and see how beautiful it is in reality. It might means nothing to you, but it means the world to me. It's a world where fairytale actually comes true, you think about your design and you make it. No limitation.
But still, i'm barely a fashion designer. I'm still a student under training. There's still a lot for me to learn and experience and i just can't wait to learn it all. But regardless, there are also times where i just feel lost in my major. I'm majoring in fashion merchandising and marketing, but i'm more excited about what fashion design students get to do. They get to learn more about sewing, pattern making and draping whereas mine's more about researching, calculating and writing reports. But anyway! It doesn't matter because i do love my major. I get to know the fashion business inside-out! I can still learn sewing/pattern making/draping later on after graduation ;)
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