Sneakers Get Loud

You know, i've been wanting to create a fashion blog. I've been wanting to do so since years ago but i never got the chance to since i obviously need to spend a lot of money in clothing and i know my blog is not as famous or as known as other popular fashion blogs but i'm just posting this for fun. They said that to make a fashion blog famous, you have to comment on other fashion blogs by sharing your blog's url to make yourself known but i just think that's annoying. I don't want to annoy people or to beg for likes or followers for my blog. My blog is perfectly great, likes or no likes, more followers or less, doesn't matter because this is just a platform for me to share my thoughts and now it is another platform for me to see what changes i've made in terms of styling myself. One thing though, i also get to show you guys my designs that i sew into life. So yeah, stay tune!!

Silvia TehComment