I don't do knockoffs.

Hi there! Here's my best buy of the month : Vince Camuto platform heels! It's something i've been wanting for so long! I first saw this last year in around September - October but it's a bit too off my price range, which is S$200. I mean, 200 bucks for a pair of heels? I got no money! I thought about giving it up but sometimes i liked to checked onto the stores and see if it's still available. Lucky for me, it's still available and is sold in half price due to GSS. This shoe is destined to be mine perhaps? Lucky!

On a totally different note, I've been spending some time to really deal with my blog and update it more often since i have a growing habit of abandoning this blog for i have so little time for myself back before holiday. But i'm here now with more time to spend that i plan to include photos of my daily outfits / stuffs that i recently bought. It's not easy for me to shoot my daily outfits though, that's why i keep using the same background which is my room. Sorry if it's so boring, but it's more convenient this way since i'm very self-conscious and i don't have a high level of confidence to shoot outside with people walking by. Let's just see the boringness as a part of my charm? Jk.
Anyway, i've been thinking about informing my friends / old readers in my facebook or twitter page about the recent change in this blog and that i'm getting back on track. But the more i think about it, the more i think it's more comfortable this way.. you know, keeping it unknown with only a few readers. This is due to the fact that all the stuffs i wrote are sometimes hard to accept. Please note that these are all my opinions regarding certain things. I view things differently, i have a different goals and aims in life. I know there's only a few people out there who share the same point of view as mine and that my point of view is quite offensive at times for people who share the opposite.
Furthermore, I personally think that people who have been following the updates of this blog are the people who can accept the way i point out my opinions even when it's offensive. So i'm really not prepared for new readers that will probably be pissed and i'm actually very happy with my blog's unknown condition right now. But just to make sure, is it that offensive though? I need to know, just in case.

Enough about my blog's issue. Let's get going to mine ;)
I've been reading thru my blog posts, yet again, and i feel as if i have been portraying a really sad and miserable image of myself? It's like i rarely see myself writing happy things. But to make things clear, i'm actually a cheerful person. I joked around, played around, and i laughed almost everyday when no guys was to screw my mood. But the difference is that, i can't have the exact amount of fun i had back in my hometown in Singapore. There's a difference in how people react to certain jokes, whereas mine tend to be sarcastic joke and dirty at times (hehehe) and i don't have a partner in crime either. Also, with all these problems i have to face, being cheerful is the least thing i wanted to do. What's important is to keep my emotions in place, because i don't like to get angry and shove my madness into somebody else's face. I'll definitely end up crying publicly and it's not going to be pretty.
Anyway, that's it for today! :)

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