Happy Birthday A!

Wak Noer has a seriously cute headband!

Hi there! So once again, i'm back in Medan, a place i'm not proud to be born in. How so, you ask? Well, because all that the place has to offer for me is a truckload of stress, frustrations and backstabbing people and i'd rather not prolong the reason why anymore.
Anyway! I was celebrating my best friend's birthday 2 days ago and so far i think it's the best surprise plan i've ever made. I was so happy to be able to make the plan came true, so thanks a lot to Roemah Kopi Waknoer Crew for helping out and also lending me their waitress' uniform. I'm so grateful for their help! Some people might think the birthday surprise was a bit too much, but i have an absolute reason for it. Just so you know, my birthday is always a disaster and i've never spent my birthday with tears full of joy but with tears full of stress instead so i wanted my best friend to be able to get the things i can't have. Since i can't be happy for mine, at least i want to be happy for other's. So that's one of the reason why. Another reason is because, quite frankly, i don't think this friendship is going to last forever. I mean, i think we can't have the same friendship we had back then. With all this distance thing and with us growing up, with different mindset and different aims in life, obviously it'll drive us apart sooner or later. I'm not closing the friendship off, but it's called being realistic and due to this fact, i think i really need to create a beautiful memory between us. She has been a part of my life i can never forget and i literally don't know how can i survive my junior and senior high school without her. She's the first real friend i had and one who truly treated me like a friend.
So there goes the reasons for me to create this whole surprise. It's going to be a once in a lifetime experience in her life, while it's going to be the first successful birthday surprise i planned which means there'll be second and third plan for my other best friends.
On a totally different note, I seriously think life is more happier if i spend it more in giving rather than receiving. I think it's happier for me to see the happy look on other's face.
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