I've been listening to this song constantly just because it's totally saying every single thing on my mind that i can't describe in words. Particularly when she sings about the forgivable part. First of all, this song  totally reflects my situation now and it was hard to forgive things at first but after listening to this song constantly and after a million times of considerations, i came to realize that i'll need to forgive eventually. I can't live my life, holding grudges or hatred toward other people because in order to move forward, i'd need to walk pass everything painful in life. I just want a peace in my life and quite frankly, the moment i thought about forgiving was the moment i felt blissful, up until now. I am in a state of peace right now but in a sense of awareness that things might fall apart at some point. I don't know when will my peaceful world be interrupted again but i have a growing suspicion that my world wouldn't be so peaceful later as second year of college starts. Anyway, i have no control over what will happen next, so i can just hope that God won't be mean to me and i know He knows exactly what i'm referring to as being "mean". I seriously need to get the thing going, and only if it goes well that my mind will be on a complete state of peace. Right now i can only pray and do the best i can.
And regarding to this particular song, it is actually for someone i haven't been talking to for a while. I don't know how does he feel about this issue, but if he feel terrible for what he had done, please don't bother to feel so anymore. The more i think about it, the more i realized that i'm the only one to be blamed. Everything's done by my own choice and i should accept what i was putting myself into right from the start. But i should say this though, it would be nice if he actually have the decency to tell me the truth rather than hiding it for quite some time. I don't know if he ever came across my blog, but i just feel like saying it anyway.
So that's it for tonight :)

Silvia TehComment