Pursuit of Happiness

So i was watching this movie, The Pursuit of Happiness. I believe most of you must have watched it already, since it's a pretty old movie but i watched it one more time today because i was just bored browsing around the internet.
I didn't really get this movie when i first watched it, perhaps because i was still young and i hadn't wondered that much yet. But as i grew up, i started to think about a lot of stuffs, wondering about life and happiness. This movie, literally tells you what happiness is about. I've been wondering for a while about what happiness means but i gave up along the way because i feel that being "fine" is good enough for me. Fine is good enough, because i have been receiving disappointments constantly and repetitively and it literally makes me feel scared to expect, even to the smallest expectations. But my point is, i've always pictured my life to be quite fucked up. I sure did and do have countless problems in my life, but little did i know that all of my problems, even if it's all put together, still cannot beat what Chris Gardner had to face in his life. The movie is apparently based on true story and i just can't imagine how would i overcome the situation if i was to be Chris. The moment when he was so broke that he had to sleep in the train station's toilet together with his son is really an eye opening. I seriously admire him for his determination and toughness to face the reality, and for him to not even for one second complain about everything that went wrong in his life. It even makes me feel ashamed about myself. I mean, here i am, complaining about my life, whereas i've been living a perfectly adequate life. All of those love problems, friendship problems, now seems to be so stupid. It makes me realize that there are tons of people out there who are struggling with a more serious matter and i have no right to even complain about my life.
So now, i want to thank God for every blessing He has given me. Throughout my whole life, for every good and bad things that had happened, i know for a fact that they happened for a reason. Those experiences built me up, makes me a better person and makes me stronger as well. And for every good or bad things that will come next, i wouldn't blame anyone else because as long as i've given my best shot, the result is for God to decide.
Lastly, i'd like to thank God for this life he had given me. Thank you, for those life experiences because all of them changed my whole point of view in life and i'm really thankful to have a vastly different point of view. It makes me who i am and what i am. Thank you God...

“You got a dream. You gotta protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they wanna tell you you can’t do it. If you want something, go get it. Period.” - Will Smith as Chris Gardner in Pursuit of Happyness

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