I think my previous post seems a little depressing and there's no doubt that i was a bit depressed, but in life, we'd need to move forward eventually and i finally have my own method to move on.
I've keep thinking how can i spend this holiday productively and to not keep lazying round, doing nothing. So i first ended up getting a job as a sales associate at Esprit. I don't know if getting this job will affect my college life, but i'm sure that i'll find a way to overcome it somehow. I've always wanted to work in the fashion industry and i don't mind if that means i need to start from the retail floor as a sales associate. Anyway, besides getting a job, i am also spending my time productively by designing and sewing some dresses but so far there's only one that i really love. I've been experimenting with fabrics i've never worked with before which is Jersey and i've got to say.... Flimsy and stretchable fabric is so not my thing. I'm more comfortable with heavy fabrications because i've this design aesthetic of creating structured and tailored garments, since i am all about empowering woman. 

Excuse my face!

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