Happiness Overload

I just checked my assessment result and my GPA is beyond my wildest imagination. I seriously cannot describe how happy i am right now and i don't even know how to show my gratitudes towards all my lecturers that appreciate my hard work. Like i said, nothing makes me feel better than having my efforts being appreciated and to actually be seen. Therefore, i wanted to thank all my lecturers for teaching me so many things, for sharing their knowledges, and to teach us in the best way possible. Thank you for your criticisms because they really build me up. All and all, thank you for noticing my hard work. For these past few months, my efforts for certain things had gone unappreciated and it even turned out to be an act of ultimate stupidity, so it means a lot to me for people to actually appreciate my efforts. Thank you so much and i'll try my best to keep my work to the highest standard.
Moreover, on the exact day of me checking out my result for 2nd semester, i got another great news as the night hits. Everything's going really great that i'm now so scared to be disappointed again. Right now, i've only one wish.. Please God, please don't give me too much hopes only to smack it right into the ground at the end of the day. I really need to get this thing going and you know exactly why. Out of everything that had gone wrong since the start of this year, i really wanted this thing to go as i wish it to be. I've worked my ass off, cried my tears off, and even got into several depressing times during the period. You know exactly how much efforts i put in and it's just so mean if by the end of the day i'm right back to where i first started.
Anyway, i can't really feel as happy as i'm supposed to or even to express how happy i am with the result seeing how my friends did during this particular semester. But one thing that i keep doing is to open the assessment result over and over again, because i seriously cannot believe what i see. I feel like crying every time i see it and it really makes me cry seeing how happy my parents are for my result. I've  never make them proud once and it's really nice to see i finally get to make them proud of me.
All and all, i thank God for his blessings and for every good and bad things that happened because all of those experiences brought me here :)

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