Strings attached

This is a quote i got while i was watching How I Met Your Mother, and it totally reflects the whole situation of my life right now. For everything that had happened, even for everything that happened decades ago, regarding how my friends treated me, how guys treated me, how life treated me, i've never for once throw my anger in their face no matter how angry i got. Particularly for the most recent thing that happened to me, how my sincerity turned into an ultimate stupidity, i've been dying to shove my anger into somebody's face. I wanted to be so angry that i would cursed, i wanted to be so angry that i'd sarcast, i wanted to be so angry that i'd broke my one ultimate rule to not sarcast people publicly. But what do i do instead? I swallow my anger and to keep it personal. I'd like to get so angry, but instead, what happens is i get so angry that i'm tired of it. I just want everything to get back to normal and to move pass this issue but it seems pretty hard with me still clinging to the past. In fact, i've always been clinging back to the past and i seriously don't know how and when can i move forward. Even though the anger and hatred were gone, the scars remain.

Anyway, during a hard time like now, please don't piss me off. There's actually someone who pisses me off by saying some shits i don't even remember and to judge me as an immature person is a bullshit. Why am i judged as being immature just because i don't approve some stupid friend requests in facebook from people i don't know or i don't really know? Not to be mean, but i have every right to approve, decline or ignore every friend request i got from facebook. Please stop pms-ing about it man. I have my own reasons for every action i do, and believe me, there are good reasons for me to ignore friend requests from certain people. Don't start a fight with me just because of a silly issue. I've got enough issues and sorry if what i'm saying now sounds offensive but i need to defend myself from any stupid judgements being stated toward me.
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