Credits to Andy Tan Photography

The outfit is designed for the International Volunteers Day Fashion Show celebrated by Red Cross Singapore on 5th of December, 2013.

The main muse for the outfit is inspired by Quan Yao, one of the residents in RCHD. He is someone that has talent in drawing, crafting and he particularly has an eye for art that is essentially his. One of his artwork that caught my attention is the craftwork he did with other volunteers and i immediately had an idea of using the method of reflection to improvise his artwork. The result of this is then used for the prints on both the Exaggerated Vest and the Jersey Top. Whereas, the prints for the Straight Cut Pants came from the collaboration with many of the residents where they are to shoot the big piece of paper with water guns filled with coloured liquid.

Besides the prints, the outfit is inspired by the theme of eye opening and with this theme, i have an idea of blindness recovery. People who has just recovered from blindness, will want to see the surroundings immediately and obviously, what the person see from left to right or from front to back will not be the same. Therefore, the concept is about creating something that looks different from every angle. Moreover, the outfit is heavily influenced by a mix of subtle and bright colours since colours are what people wanted to see when they have just recovered from blindness.