Participated in Crowne Plaza Dressed To Rest design competition earlier this year, and the challenge is to create a sleepwear for working independent business woman who travels a lot. 

As for me, i am always inspired by those working independent kind of woman so naturally i designed a two - piece sleepwear comprising of a pajama top and a short. The pajama top itself is inspired by the working suit, but I give a twist with the curve opening. Another point is that, the curve is actually inspired by Crowne Plaza's hotel architecture and the logo itself since there is a play of curve lines. The back of the pajama top is the literal interpretation of the building's architectural detail. 

And as for the pants, i know that not all woman are tall and skinny, and not all of them have fabulous legs. But for me, i think despite of what your size are sleeping with shorts definitely are more comfortable compared to long pajama pants. Shorts allow more movement and comfort, because during your sleep, each people has different sleeping pose. Some may sleep straight, some may sleep with one leg bending, etc. 

In terms of fabrication, silk is very comfortable to sleep in since it is very lightweight, quite airy and soft to the skin. The colour of pink-purple also brings out the sense of elegance and luxury into the design. 

ps. Excuse the wrinkles, it is my first time sewing with silk and during the presentation i did not have time to iron properly since everyone is rushing. 

I am the top 10 finalist for the competition!