These prints are the result of the collaboration between me and Red Cross Singapore. 
The project was to help the disabled patients residing in Red Cross Home for Disabled to gain more awareness; each designer / volunteer is assigned to one patient and together, we collaborated to create an outfit inspired by them. I was collaborating with Quan Yao at the time, who was very fond of doodling. I used his doodles to come up with the first 2 prints shown above. Whereas, the last two prints were collaborated together with Kim Choa and Quan Yao -- she provided assortment of artsy materials for Quan Yao to play with and finally quan yao created a 3D collage of those assortments. The collages were manipulated into fabric prints seen on the last 2 prints. 

Original artworks of Quan Yao are shown below;

Much apologies, I cannot find the complete original artwork of Quan Yao.