An individual project assigned to students; each students have to create a blue ocean strategy for country of choice and my project is for Maliparmi's blue ocean strategy in Singapore. 

Maliparmi is an Italian womenswear brand with an identity of being ethnic, bohemian and nomadic. This brand image is such a strong image that could be easily interpreted into many other product categories; from homewares, furnitures, and even cafes and B&Bs. That said, my blue ocean strategies revolved around creating a lifestyle of bohemian in Singapore.

Moreover, knowing the price-conscious society in Singapore, a brand must be able to strongly deliver a reason for customer to purchase. Creating a lifestyle brand which simultaneously creates a dream of having that bohemian, nature-like, relax lifestyle, which very much resonates to the hectic lifestyle in Singapore. 

Being a new, foreign brand in Singapore, one must distinguish itself very differently as compared to others. The proposal of 'themed stores' is to establish a strongly decorated store that changes its theme every season. For example, if the theme for Maliparmi's Spring/Summer 2016 collection was Florals, the store should be decorated accordingly however still maintaining its bohemian identity. 

It is also strongly advisable for Maliparmi to consider expanding its product line to homewares, home deco or furnitures as this will increase the reasons for customer to stop by. Customers who were not interested with clothing, might ended up purchasing bohemian inspired glasses or plates and those customers who stopped by to purchase bohemian furnitures, might ended up purchasing the clothing. 

This idea is later expanded to Maliparmi's collaborations with fashion designers, interior designers or even cafe owners. With Singaporean's favoritism of going for Sunday brunches and cafes, collaboration with cafes very much resonates to their lifestyle. Imagine,  having to shop and dine at the same time at a bohemian decorated cafe.