The Workroom plays as an e-portfolio of fashion-related works, from sketches made into real garments, from photography to a lookbook and it also presents marketing ideas coming from the founder herself. Overall, The Workroom is all about the self-creations, ideas and about the projects that are undergoing.

The founder herself, Silvia, is an Indonesian, a sophomore student majoring in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing in one of the private schools in Singapore. Regardless of her major, she is very passionate in designing, sewing and pattern drafting. She is basically in love with every work related to fashion and she is always inspired by arts, culture and society. Furthermore, her works have always been influenced by minimalist aesthetic which then creates minimal yet modern-looking garments that suit the modern society. Other than fashion, journalism and marketing is another interests that she has been learning. 

Achievements and Activities

- 3rd runner up for Shana Fashion Design Competition, 2012

- Semi - Finalist for WGSN Global Fashion Award, 2013

- Awarded 'NAFA Asean Grant (Diploma)' for academic year 2013/2014

- Volunteered Designer for International Volunteers Day celebrated by Red Cross Singapore, 2013